Hello, I'm Adrian

Dad. Lifelong fighter for children & parents, teacher, scientist, engineer, and educator of teachers too.

It’s official. The very day our little one year long #ThinkBetter project came to completion I filed with the Nebraska Secretary of State to run for State Board of Education.

I taught for twenty two years. Many graduates of mine across the country are, were or became teachers or administrators of school districts or universities across the country, or teach themselves youth or graduate students across the country and the world.

We are Nebraska Nice. Parents matter always. Trusting learners is always key. We’ll bring this #SwissArmyKnifeThinking to the entire Nebraska and to the world.

There are over forty four thousands adults without a high school diploma or equivalent in the four NE counties including & around Douglas county. We can change that for the next generations to come so that a good education is a chance at prosperous life for all. Right from the start. How many Thomas Edison and Evan Williams do we nurture?


Election Day
In Douglas County check the location of your voting poll-station using the link above
Don't miss the debate we're having
Nebraska State Board of Education District 4 Candidates debate live, sponsored by National Center for Families Learning, Nebraska Chapter

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I Know What It Takesto be a Leader!

I read the U.S. Constitution for the first time in 1976, when I was 11 years old. I was risking life and liberty by just owning a copy of the three Founding Documents of this great Nation. The Constitution's ever shining light, and the dreams and values of the Founding Fathers, have guided me ever since, throughout all my life, through rain or shine. The time has come to step up and defend it, so that we all can keep this Country as intended, and keep and leave our Individual Rights protected to our children and their grandchildren.

In trying times, a professional job is better left to professionals, caring for people and their values and knowing what needs to be done, and what does not need to be done at all.