Adrian4NE (Adrian Petrescu for Nebraska State Board of Education)

Education is best when children, parents, schools and communities complement each other

Raising children is always a community affair. With the needs and strengths of each child at its core.
Trust your teenager. Please. Motto: “In an unstable complex system, small islands of coherence have the potential to change the whole system” (Ilya Prigogine)

Ann Arbor Michigan, a decade and a half ago, in a coffee shop
“Daddy, can I please have your Swiss Army Knife?” “What are you going to do with it?”
“I need it for this little project. (making art out of a straw)” “Here it is.”

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Strong negotiations skills I always prefer negotiated solutions that are win-win for everyone.
Parents always matter.Communities raise children. Let's strengthen partnerships parents-children-schools-community. See what our neighbors are doing every day to build community and help children learn. Neighbors
Self-trust mattersNurture self-trust in children. The best learning there can be is when a child answers their own curiosity. Proven research demonstrates it. Let's use our knowledge wisely.
Nurturing creative minds of youth leads to engaged citizens, strong communities and prosperous economiesA teenager with three businesses in his name blew up the train cart on the Detroit-Dearborn line. If that happened today, what would happen to that child? Hear vision
Leadership is built from young ageLet's nurture our youth in social skills from early on, with practical hands on approaches. Our history as humankind shows how good we can be at it. We can get even better if we nurture creativity and innovation in youth from an early age.

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