Adrian4NE (Adrian Petrescu for Nebraska Legislature)


I wasn't born in Omaha but I got here as fast as I could.
My dear bride and I married in Omaha NE, at the Pioneer Courage and Spirit of Nebraska Wilderness Park in Downtown Omaha.

My bride is born Belgian and I met her years ago in Austin TX, when I was working as a professor of public policy and director of a graduate program for the University of Texas System in South Texas.

When we had choices such as Brussels Belgium, Paris France, Luxembourg, Austin TX or Bucharest Romania, choosing Omaha for our wedding means our commitment to an exceptionally pretty and welcoming town and state, with exceptionally friendly people and a rich history and contribution to the US's history, particularly of diversity and inclusion, and the potential for an even richer brighter future

The pioneer spirit of Nebraska is what resonates with my family and I.

Everywhere I have been and in everything I have done, it has been this pioneer can do spirit that has always motivated me, and has helped me motivate others.

Today, the frontier is no longer geographic, but it is a knowledge frontier yet and forever to be conquered.
My quest in life has been for decades motivating people to find the best in themselves and grow in self-confidence as much as they can imagine.

I am a naturalized American who has a little girl who made it to college by now. That was in part because her parents motivated her to self-trust from an early age and they could supervise her schooling in English.

My first encounter with the US Constitution was when I was 11 y.o., in the year of the Declaration of Independence bicentennial.

It was illegal and a serious risk to life and liberty to own a copy where I was at the time, growing up in Romania.

One can easily see the lifelong motivation I got very early in my life to protect the US Constitution and mirror its values elsewhere in the world, and to help inspire the same passion for its values in my daughter and in all of her generational peers.

A quote I read for the first time in my daughter's second grade public school in South Texas motivates strongly my determination to protect and disseminate as wide and as deep to further generations the core values embedded in the US founding documents:

"A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started. [S]he is going to sit where you are sitting, and when you are gone, attend to those things which you think are important. You may adopt all the policies you please, but how they are carried out depends on him. [S]he will assume control of your cities, states, and nations. [S]he is going to move in and take over your churches, schools, universities, and corporations... the fate of humanity is in [her] hands." (attributed to Abraham Lincoln).

I am a professor of public policy and business and have directed and taught in US graduate programs in public policy and administration for over two decades.  There are therefore about 1000 graduates (nationwide and abroad on US bases in Europe) with a Master of Public Policy or Master of Public Administration, and over 3000 college graduates whom I helped self-motivate to achieve their goals or graduate degrees and pursue a professional career in public service or education--helping communities grow and take back charge of their fate.

More about my career

can be found from my LinkedIn profile.

My simple recipe for personal success:

1Have a dream.
Trust yourself!

Shoot for the stars!
(Children always help!)
2Make a plan.
Work hard on it!
Inspire others.

You'd be so much richer.
(Family and community always help!)
Sky is the limit
for what you will achieve!


"We're going to have fun in this class!"

Graduate student in Constitutional Law course, taught in Philadelphia PA, where else.

"Thank you so much for your investment in our young people at the March Madness Qualifier speech and debate tournament. Feedback from a wide audience is one of the best tools we have for helping our young people to hone their communication skills. Your participation and encouragement helped make the tournament a huge success; we greatly appreciate your willingness to give to the students in this way. We couldn't have done it without you!"

Alice Wood, Judge Recruitment Coordinator; and Diane Bolin, Tournament Director, National Christian Forensics and Communications Association, Region V

"Dr. Petrescu has been a great influence in my career. The interest he showed in his students was unequalled and his genuine concern for them always shone through. Likewise, his interest in the community at large was apparent in his lectures and conversations. A man of utmost integrity, Dr. Petrescu has always been interested in progress and innovation. These traits, along with his experience, will make him a great public servant."

"El Dr. Petrescu ha sido una gran influencia en mi carrera. El interés que muestra en sus alumnos es sin igual y su genuino interés por ellos siempre se hace notar. Del mismo modo, su interés en la comunidad en general era evidente en sus conferencias y conversaciones personales. Un hombre de alto nivel de integridad, el Dr. Petrescu siempre ha estado interesado en el progreso y la innovación. Estas características, junto con su experiencia, le servirán para ser en un servidor público effectivo."

Edgar I. Garcia (former student from South Texas)

"Thank you for teaching and sharing some of the vast knowledge you posses. I hope that one day I will have acquired some knowledge to perhaps match your own. I will be able to stand my ground and defend my own opinions.

I saw you would question every possible solution to a stated problem in class discussions.

You made us aware that to fully comprehend a situation we have to look at the problem from different angles and explore the possibility that a problem may consist of many intermingled problems. I hope I don't forget all you taught us.

You are so passionate about what you teach and that is very refreshing in any professor. Students appreciate such energy in teachers. I spoke with other classmates and your enthusiasm in the classroom kept coming up.

I hope that you do not become disillusioned with society and/or your students."

former student in South Texas

"I know Adrian since 1990, as a classmate in post-graduate school, in post-communist Romania's top school for preparing a new generation of professionals.

Throughout his early career as a professional staffer in the Romanian Senate, he was a pioneer in many aspects: from bringing US Constitutional and Bill of Rights values into the Romanian Constitution being drafted and voted upon, introducing innovation techniques in public administration based on free market to laying the first pavement stones for Romania's path towards membership in the Euro-Atlantic institutions (NATO and European Union).

In 1992 he was the first ever person chosen from an East European country to serve as a researcher with NATO Parliamentary Assembly International Secretariat in Brussels Belgium.

While studying and teaching public policy in the U.S., Adrian stayed firm on his principles that are in line with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution: faith in God, family values, individual liberty and freedom, limited government, free market competition, legal immigration, supremacy of law.

He will be an excellent representative of Omaha on the Nebraska State Board of Education."

Vlad Spanu, Adjunct Professor at Bellevue University's College of Business, entrepreneur, ex-diplomat.